Quality Infrared Service You've Come to Expect
Infrared Image Gallery

The preventive / predictive maintenance service that we offer has saved companies like yours a great deal of money. With infrared we can find hot spots or cold spots whichever is of most interest. Electrical and mechanical components typically heat up before failure. Infrared inspections allow us to detect these anomalies before they fail which saves time and money. We focus our attention to the areas of : Electrical equipment, Rotating equipment, Steam traps, Tanks regarding level and possible sludge, and Flat Roof inspections looking for moisture contamination(leaks).

See Sample Imagery Below

           Faulty Bearing                              Boiler Image

         Buss Box Anomaly                        Fautly Disconnect

 Faulty Breaker/Disconnect                 Faulty Disconnect

           Faulty Wire                              Transformer Bushing

           Tank Sludge                                       Tank Level

          Loose Belts                            Bottom Steam Trap Faulty

                                      Too Late!