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We're reducing downtime one customer at a time, as is the case with this set of fuses on a 30' tall automotive parts press.

Welcome to Vision Infrared Services, based out of Cleveland, Ohio. We frequently travel to surrounding states and beyond.  We offer only high quality infrared inspection services.  Vision Infrared Services was founded in 2004 by Jeffrey L. Gadd a Level II Thermographer along with an AAS in Industrial Electricity and over 10 years electrical and mechanical maintenance experience.  We are confident in our abilities and feel if it can be done with infrared that we can do it.

Infrared inspection has many different names it depends who you talk to but it is also known as: Infrared Scanning, Thermographic Inspection, Thermal Imaging are some of the most common names.  No matter what you call it, infrared thermographic inspections can be a valued part of your (PdM)predictive maintenance program.  Infrared inspections have become very popular over the last decade as many people have realized the benefits.  Return on investment varies from each facility but has been reported to be at least 4:1, which means saving $4 for every $1 invested in infrared. 

Let Vision Infrared Services become an extension of your maintenance team.  We can help reduce costly downtime, damage to equipment as well as create a safer work environment.